Why am I a Christian? (Part 2)

In a previous post, I discussed some of the reasons I believe that Christianity is true. My first point was that God is the best explanation for the Universe.  In this post, I want to discuss why I believe:

God is the best explanation for objective morality

For the past several years, I have been a lacrosse referee. In that time, I have officiated hundreds of games, and assessed thousands of penalties. What would happen if I witnessed an illegal act, tossed a penalty flag, and the player came up to me and said, “Ref, that slash may be true for you, but it’s not true for me. I’m not serving a one-minute penalty”? I’d probably put in him in the penalty box for an additional minute just for being stupid! (Well, maybe not). The point here is the rules of lacrosse are objective. They are not determined by the individual players, coaches, or officials.

I summed up the Problem of Evil in another series of posts a few weeks ago, so I don’t want to rehash those points here. What is compelling to me about the whole issue of objective morality is that almost everyone agrees objective moral laws exist.  Thus there must be a standard outside of humanity by which we know this to be true.  Otherwise, there can be no objective moral law; and the issue boils down to one person’s opinion over another.

One counter-point to this argument that atheist may raise is that moral senses have evolved. Evolution has “selected” good behavioral traits because they help the general survival of our species. But this argument falls short because we are under no moral obligation to abide by what evolution “says” we are to do. Let’s assume for the moment that humans have evolved to be “moral” towards one another. So what? Why am I morally compelled to obey my genetic tendencies? We don’t believe it is morally wrong when a male lion kills the cub of another male lion. Why then is it objectively wrong to kill another human being for not reason? Because our DNA says so? Hardly!  After all, given atheism, humans are simply a bit further along the evolutionary road that lower animals.

I’m not saying here that atheist can’t be moral (they can), and I’m not saying that atheist don’t know morality (they do). What I am saying is they cannot justify morality. Knowing what is moral and right doesn’t explain why a moral standard exists.

This is why I believe God is the best explanation for the fact of objective morality.

Part 3: The New Testament documents are historically reliable, coming soon!