What is a "potential life?"

Many are aware about the news stories and videos that The Center for Medical Progress posted online that show several lengthy discussions with various administrators and doctors part of Planned Parenthood. One video in particular is a hidden camera discussion with Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical services. The video is a lunchtime meeting with Nucatola and members of The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) posing as buyers of fetal tissue. The video shows how utterly callous Nucatola is in discussing this horrific procedure. While my own views on abortion are strongly pro-life, I am not writing this post about abortion necessarily. Rather, I want to point out two observations I had in watching a FoxNews report on this issue.

On Thursday, July 16, FoxNews anchor Megyn Kelly discussed this story. During her show, she interviewed two individuals on both sides of the issue. Robert Zimmerman, a democratic strategist represented the abortion-choice side, and Dana Loesch, conservative talk radio host, represented the pro-life side. Ms. Loesch was clearly outraged by the story and made several points about the barbaric nature of the issue. Mr. Zimmerman accused the CMP of faking the video, lying about the story, and generally tried to brush the matter off.

Here is my first observation: If the pro-abortion crowd is right, and there is nothing morally wrong with abortion, then why is there such an uproar about this video? Why does Planned Parenthood feel they need to make any sort of statement at all about the matter? After all, if the unborn are not human persons, then there is no justification for abortion needed. And, there is no justification needed for selling the body parts of aborted fetuses. No one bats an eye if I decide to scrap out a 1977 Chevy for parts after the engine blows. If abortion is not morally wrong, no one should care if Planned Parenthood sells the tissue of aborted babies.

But, clearly, abortion is morally wrong, and selling the body parts and organs of aborted babies is abhorrent.

My second observation: As this rather heated debate continued, Megyn Kelly, made a curious statement. She said her outrage was about the “absence of humanity” on the part of Nucatola as she discussed the process of preserving fetal tissue and her lack of “respect for the potential for human life.” Kelly says, “She [Nucatola] is guzzling down wine and stuffing her face full of salad while she talks about the end of a potential life.”

Potential life? The thing that is growing inside a woman’s womb is not a “potential life.” It is life! It is a baby. It is a living, growing, human person, with all the God-given rights of any other human person. Including the right not to be chopped up for spare parts like a 1977 Chevy.

Ms. Kelly, I admire your passion, and I appreciate you (and many others) bringing this issue to light. But please, as you discuss this matter, ensure you are accurately describing the situation. There is the potential that people may mis-understand you.