Critique of an Argument Against Fine-Tuning

The Many Problems of the Fine-Tuning Argument

by Francois Tremblay

To the theologian, science does not exist to give answers, but only to provide questions that only he can answer – by invoking his favourite god."

My answer in both cases is the same. To ask why constants are this way or why laws are that way is to presume that there is an ultimate reason to be found, an ultimate cause underlying them, something beyond the material. But if the existence of the universe is necessary, then no reason or cause is to be found."

To come back to the general argument, there is one gigantic objection, the kind of thing that does not seem obvious but seems that way after you understand it. That objection is simply that fine-tuning is not an argument for design, but rather an argument against design! The idea of an extreme fine-tuning beyond which the target cannot exist is indicative of a precarious natural system, not of intelligent planning."