Apologetics in Action

This past Sunday, I had an amazing experience of "apologetics in action."

About a month ago, the pastor at our church announced he was having a "Seeker's Class."  He said that if anyone who wasn't a Christian, or any Christians who knew someone who had question or was struggling with a decision about Christ, was welcome to meet at the church on Sunday, November 22.  "We'll throw on a pot of coffee, have some dessert, and talk."

After the service, I approached him to ask some questions about what he had planned.  Quite honestly, I wanted to be a part of it.  But before I could even ask, he said, "I think it would be great if you could be there."  He told me he had done this a few times before with mixed results.  But the idea was to get together and just have a discussion and answer questions of some folks he knew who were seeking God but had not yet made a decision to accept Christ.

I told him I would be glad to come and help.  This past Sunday, the pastor, along with his wife and I, met four folks who have been attending our church, but who were struggling with a decision to accept Christ.   (A couple of other church members were there as well).

The discussion was fascinating, and it was a chance for me to see (and practice) apologetics in action.  I was thrilled that our pastor talked about Christianity being a faith based in evidence.  There were a few questions, but more of an open discussion.  We talked about some of the historical evidence for Christianity.  At one point, I remarked to one of the 'seekers', "The reason I'm a Christian is because it's true.  And there's a lot of evidence that shows me that.  But it's not a 'leap of faith'.  It's really more of a step of faith."

The pastor's wife did an outstanding job of talking about how we place our faith "in" Jesus.  She said, "Everyone has faith.  It's a question of what or who you put your faith in."

Please pray for those in attendance that God will continue to work in their lives and they will make a decision to trust in Christ.