Academic Papers

In 2014, I completed a Master of Arts in Theological Studies with Liberty University. As part of this degree, I took 12 different courses (36 hours) on a range of subjects. For nearly every course, there was a requirement to write at least one academic paper. I finished the master’s program in a year (two classes every 8 weeks), and it was tough. Below are copies of most of the papers I completed.

Apologetics Application Paper:  The Problem with the Problem of Evil

Christian Apologetics in the Early Church

Evangelism Vision Paper

Theology of Missions

Imitating the character of Christ: An Exegesis of Philippians 2:1-11

The Bible Among the Myths (Book Summary)

How Could God Allow That?  An Examination of the Supposed Conflicts Between An All-Loving and All-Powerful God and Evil and Suffering in the World

The Synoptic Problem

Contemporary Roman Catholicism: A contrast and comparison of Catholic and Protestant Doctrines

The Sovereignty of God and the Free Will of Man:  Romans 8:28-30 and the Choice of Salvation

Resurrection in the Bible

Theological Lessons From Genesis and the Relevancy for Modern Christians